Karma Testing, Part 1

The other week I got my hands on a GoPro Karma and a couple of extra batteries. I'm a little late in the game (I know it's discontinued...I used to work there!) and that it's relatively feature-less compared to what DJI is producing, but for the price I got it at, it's a steal considering everything that's included. I went to test it out and get used to the flying abilities, as well as switching between Karma and Grip use. 

I always keep the drone in Sport mode (I want to MOVE!) and I found it really helpful to practice getting extremely close to trees and bushes while staying low to the ground in case it clips a branch too hard and falls. 

I think it's absolutely essential to have a monopod while using any sort of handheld gimbal. You can get closer to things, go higher and lower, and even fake drone shots at times. I wish they would have built a screwhole in the bottom of the grip - there is a separate ring that you use to attach the gimbal/grip to a monopod. It's clunky and annoying, and only exists so GoPro could sell you their version of a monopod for $70. I already have a monopod though, so I won't be investing in another single-serving, less extendable one. While annoying, the ring does work and the shots are great. If I lose it, I'll gaffe tape the thing.

Speed ramping was done using Twixtor, and motion blur added back in through the built-in compensation in the plugin. I haven't gotten around to buying Reelsmart MB yet, but I WILL. It's an incredibly useful plugin to avoid buying several expensive ND filters for every camera and lens you plan on using.

Can you tell which clips were shot with the Karma and which with the Grip?