Washington Road Trip Beginnings

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So, recently I was laid off at Amazon. I moved up to Seattle for the job, and was let go four months later due to restructuring (more or less). Obviously a thousand things are plaguing my mind, and I'm not sure of anything, so I decided that the best thing to do was to take a road trip around Washington. I want to know a little better the state I just moved to, so the other day I left Seattle on a mission to clear my head, explore the state, and film the shit out of it.

Denali and I are doing one of two things: bonding, or tolerating each other. I'm not sure what the look on his face signifies every time I reach for camera gear, which is disgustingly often. However it usually means that we're going somewhere, to look at something beautiful, or to hike when he should really be napping as a six-month-old puppy. 

So far we've visited the Yakima valley and the Yakama Cultural Center (which wasn't very informative, btw), and headed to the Hanford Reach National Monument. This place used to be a nuclear reaction facility until the year 2000 (I believe), so caution when drinking water (no thank you). We stood atop a crag overlooking the area, Denali admiring his inherited land as Dog King.

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Afterwards we actually went hiking around a lake in the Hanford Reach area. You basically scale atop some pretty intense cliffs until you reach some small (but fun) sand dunes. You can continue around the lake, but we turned back once I'd just about filled my boots with sand. We were both exhausted and getting hungry.

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Even though it was only around 60 degrees F outside, the sun hit hard and we were scarce on water (it was a relatively short hike) and completely devoid of shade. When we got to the dune, Denali immediately walked over to the "shady" side and laid down to rest. We shared a good fifteen minutes together, staring into the distance, our ears almost ringing from how silent it was, with the exception of some distant bird chirping.

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We drove around last night, I was contemplating just pulling over on the side of the road and using it as a makeshift camp site (we're sleeping in the car). My better judgement, though, sent me searching for a legitimate campsite, which we eventually found. Late dinner for both of us, followed by quickly passing out. 

Neal Barenblat